Mr. T

So, based on emails from colleagues as well as strangers, it seems that there’s some general confusion about the difference between my company, Automatic, and Matt Mullenweg’s company, Automattic. But there needn’t be any.

To help with the confusion, I’ve created this simple matrix:

Founded in 2003Founded in 2005
Builds content management apps and weblog softwareBuilds content management apps and weblog software
Built a bunch of web-apps for clients and colleaguesWorked on their weblog software
Never released their PHP-based
weblog software, but talked like they were going to
Released their PHP-based weblog software in 2003
Raised two siamese catsRaised millions in VC funding

This matrix also illustrates how much difference an “extra something” can make to a company. Maybe it’s the extra “t” in the name. Maybe it’s timing. Maybe it’s taking a risk instead of playing it safe and just paying bills.

Congratulations to Matt for taking the chance. He went for it and it paid off. Let’s see how far he can go.

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