Mountain Moving

Finally complete, my weblog system has been given a name: Postmaster.

Written in PHP, living in MySQL, generating and FTP’ing true HTML files to your server.

I’ve been hosting the thing on the BSD machine in my house, but it’s time to move on. Cable modems are reliable but do go out, as does the power (frequently). Keeping a machine alive and available under these circumstances is tedious, and I’d really like to find a better place to host the system.

My requirements are as follows (no more, no less):

  • PHP4
  • MySQL
  • Ability to CHMOD (via shell or ftp)
  • PHP’s FTP libraries
  • Reliability (server should live in a real datacenter, not a bedroom)

I’m more than happy to share Postmaster with you (and your friends, even that one obnoxious guy with the glasses and weird haircut), and to wider audiences if there’s interest, but I must get reliable hosting for the thing first. Please let me know if you or someone you know might want to help.

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