Miscellany, Oddments

  1. A thread on Slashdot about a Mac software company porting their games to the PC. The interesting part isn’t so much the article linked to, but rather the user-comments below which express the willingness of consumers to recognize and purchase quality software.
  2. John “”http://www.ealasaid.com/fan/shrine/hans.html" title=“Hans, Bubbie, I’m your white knight!”>Hans" Gruber’s recent post, Bitmap Like It’s 1989, details and clarifies several font issues in Safari.
  3. Work on Soapbox continues. For those writing in with questions regarding availability, the answer is still “soon” as opposed to “very soon” or “any second now”.
  4. Hivelogic now executes a JavaScript to determine if you’re using Mac OS X or not. If you’re not, the main body font-size attribute gets overridden for optimal viewing in PC-based browsers. If you feel a silly JavaScript like this would be useful to you, View Source and grab it.

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