My First PeepCode Screencast: Meet the Command Line

In early April 2009, I transitioned from a full-time job to an independent. It’s been an interesting change that’s kept me pretty busy, challenging me in lots of new ways. One of the best parts of this change has been the opportunity to work with my friend Geoffrey Grosenbach at PeepCode, where I’ve been spending a good portion of my time. Geoffrey has involved me in many aspects of the businesses, including, of course, creating and producing screencasts. The most visible product of this collaboration — my very first PeepCode screencast — has just gone live.

Meet the Command Line is a 70 minute screencast geared for people who have never used the UNIX command line, or are learning it for the first time. It teaches the basic assumptions of UNIX, how to look for help, and how to manage files, directories, and programs in a way that even more experienced UNIX users will benefit from. We’re also including a bonus 60 page PDF reference guide for good measure.

Although I knew it would be a lot of work, I had no idea just how many different skill-sets were involved in creating a PeepCode screencast. Combining the things I was comfortable with, like voice-work and filming, with things I’d never done before, like post-production in Final Cut Studio, was a great way to hit the ground running. Geoffrey has been really helpful too, often whipping up customized 5 or 10 minute screencasts to demonstrate his process along the way. These quick screencasts were at once both incredibly helpful and humbling: Geoffrey’s off-the-cuff mini-casts were incredibly professional. It’s like he can’t help it. He was also instrumental in helping to make the screencast great in many other ways as well.

It’s been a great experience so far, and I’m excited about the upcoming screencasts already in the works. Stay tuned.

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