Meet Mercurial

My second PeepCode screencast, Meet Mercurial, has just gone live. The screencast is a 50 minute exploration of Mercurial, a distributed version control system that offers a faster and more agile way of managing projects. It’s used by projects like Mozilla, Python, Adium, and companies like Google and Sun.

I tried to make this screencast useful both to people who are new to SCM in general, as well as those coming from the world of CVS, Subversion, or Git, by starting out simply, and then working through both basic and advanced features. My hope is that there’s something useful in it for anybody interested in learning Mercurial.

When I started researching Mercurial, I was surprised to discover just how elegant and straight forward of a system it is. In many ways, it’s just as easy to use as Subversion, while still offering most of the same features I’d come to love about Git, just without the additional complexity. Less technical people will find Mercurial easier to learn, and experienced SCM users will be pleased with its performance and robust feature set.

Through the screencast development process, I found myself using Mercurial more and more, and although I still use Git on some collaborative projects, I’ve actually converted all of the projects I manage to Mercurial, hosting most of them on BitBucket, a fully featured collaborative code-sharing website for managing development (you can see my repositories here).

I had a great time creating the Meet Mercurial screencast. As in the past, Geoffrey Grosenbach offered his experience and guidance throughout the process, taking my “finished product” to a whole new level with his cool animations, music, and editing kung-fu.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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