Lunch With Steve (Updated)

At 12:00pm EST, Steve Jobs will deliver the Macworld Expo keynote address from Moscone Center in San Francisco. Submitted for approval, these predictions regarding what will take place:

What Will Be Delivered

  1. Safari 1.2
  2. MiniPods (a 2GB-ish iPod costing under $200)
  3. XServe speed bump
  4. GarageBand
  5. iDVD 4.0
  6. iMovie 3.5
  7. iPhoto 3 (desperately warranted)
  8. iTunes (with better international support)
  9. Final Cut Express 2.0 (already announced)
  10. New version of Office and Virtual PC

What Won’t Be Delivered

  1. No new laptop or desktop systems
  2. No speed bumps for desktops or laptops
  3. No new Cinema Displays
  4. No mysterious new iApp (Hopefully you’re wrong here, but it’s worth noting that an application like iWrite would, for example, counter the new MS Office announcement)

An update to this post pointing-out, identifying, and recounting the many ways your predictions were incorrect will follow after the event.


Items 3 – 9 of your What Will Be Delivered list were revealed as predicted. Items 1 – 3 of your What Won’t Be Delivered list were revealed as predicted.

The Errors: Safari 1.2 (Item 1, List 1) was not announced. The price of the new iPod Mini was $249, not $200 (Item 2, List 1). While a new version of MS Office was announced (Item 10, List 1), a new version of Virtual PC was not announced on stage (it was announced off-stage). Regarding the new iApp and GarageBand … you predicted the release of GarageBand (Item 4, List 1) and predicted there would not be a new iApp (Item 4, List 2). So you were right and wrong.


  • Final Cut Update: Neat if you already have Final Cut Pro and the new iMovie won’t do what you need.
  • New MS Office: Some people will care about this. You’re not one of them.
  • iLife (and GarageBand): Bravo! For $49 US, it’s a steal.
  • iPod Mini: Nice. Perhaps a bit too close in price to the 15gb model, but it’s competing for a different market. Size + shape + look + color = good.

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