LumaLoop, The Best SLR Camera Strap I've Ever Used

The LumaLoop is an amazing, adjustable, strong, lightweight, and comfortable SLR camera strap, created by my friend and Tack Sharp co-host James Duncan Davidson, a professional photographer, and his partner Greg Koenig. Duncan didn’t like any of the existing straps (for good reason), so he invented his own, and it just wins. They’ve just opened the door to the online store, where you can buy one for $60.

You can connect the LumaLoop using your camera’s existing strap-slots, or with a tripod plate, which is how I do it. It works over-the-shoulder, around the neck, or the way I liked it best: across the chest where you can slide the camera into position — one handed — ready to go in a split second.

Duncan sent me one a few weeks back before it was publicly announced, and I’ve been using it almost daily since. I spent a solid week with it while vacationing with my family, and it was perfect while chasing my energetic 2-year old son, the ultimate test for any camera strap. It does even better in more controlled circumstances.

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