Locked Content

Mike Sanders wrote about the difficulty often associated with getting your content out of a weblog system like Dave Winer’s Radio or Blogger.

You know what? He’s absolutely right, and it is a problem. Your content is stuck in – or at least married to the weblog system your using. You may own the content but, if you think about it, Userland or Blogger (or whatever) controls the content and its delivery. Unless you’re running or growing your own.

I was able to export everything I’d ever written in Blogger as XML, but this takes a bit of time. So does re-importing it into another system, or reformatting it (even using XSL) to something a human might want to read.

I remember how tedious this was, and how easy it would be to avoid this, if the weblog system was designed to be open instead of closed. For that reason, Postmaster (the weblog system I’ve built and been using here) keeps your posts in a natural format which you control.

I mean, after all, they’re yours.

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