Local News

Right now, this:

  • Later today, you will be able to return to this page to find out more information about Soapbox, Hiveware’s new weblog system, currently nearing final stages of development.
  • Hiveware has a new logo and a redesigned index page. The bee is not dead. It will remain a part of Hiveware as the background image and will be used in additional marketing efforts.
  • You might notice that Hivelogic’s fonts have been tweaked slightly for legibility and to improve overall style. Georgia is passe. Georgia is tired. Georgia is dead. Long live Lucida Grande. [Some people report not seeing changes. If that’s you, go here, reload, hit the back button, and reload. If that fails, clear your cache and try the aforementioned process.]
  • Hivelogic now looks different depending on what operating system you’re using. As usual, the better experience is to be had with the latest operating system you can find.
  • Kottke also switched to Lucida Grande for his primary body-text font, but because of an annoying Safari bug, it displays as Helvetica instead. This bug can be addressed by enclosing font-names with more than one word within quotes.
  • Another annoying Safari bug: font-variant: CSS declarations seem to be ignored by Safari, which renders this page’s h1, h2 and h3 tags as initial-caps instead of small-caps, despite the fact that this is specified correctly in the Hivelogic stylesheet.


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