At work we use an internal IRC server to chat amongst ourselves while we develop code. None of us are what you would call “hip” but that never stops us from trying. In the average conversation below, I am db, and cf is Carl, a far superior programmer helping me out.

cf> i thought you would use your php code for the inserts?

cf> i have an idea

db> ok

cf> give me your post-article include file, and i will wrap it with my parser.

cf> it’s all one file, right?

cf> i will just include it in a loop.

db> ok, i just put it in your public share

cf> it won’t know that it isn’t running in a web app.

cf> i will trick it.

db> trick it out, yo.

db> you may want to move $link = getConnection() and the mysql_close($link) outside of the loop, yo.

db> i’m gonna take this itty bitty world by storm, and i’m just gettin warm.

cf> word.

Programming is not easy, and we find inspiration wherever we can.

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