Kindle Update Brings PDF, Landscape, and PDF-to-Kindle-Conversion

I don’t usually link to things like this, but I think the Kindle is a fantastic device. Even so, the original model lacked good PDF support. Those of us who’ve used iPhones and their ilk have become used to turning the machine sideways for portrait view. Now both of these features, and more, are coming to Kindle:

  • Built-in PDF reader: Your Kindle can now display PDF documents without losing the formatting of the original file. Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle (via your @Kindle address) or drag and drop PDF files from your computer to your Kindle (when connected via USB).
  • Manual screen rotation: The Kindle screen can now manually rotate between portrait and landscape views so you can see the entire width of a web page or magnify the page of a PDF file. The page-turn buttons work the same in either orientation, and the 5-way controller movements are switched to match the orientation.
  • Option to convert PDF files to Kindle format. If you prefer to have your personal PDF documents converted to the Kindle format (so that they can reflow), type "Convert" in the subject of the e-mail when you submit your personal document to your address.

It’s an early Thanksgiving for Kindle users.

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