Just Flew Back from Phoenix, Arms Tired

You have just returned from Phoenix, where you attended a course delivered by Edward Tufte. The course was excellent, the material inspirational, and Tufte is brilliant: the professor you wish you had in college.

Things you learned in the course include:

  • Bulleted lists are bad, never use them.

  • There are many ways to show information visually, and most of them are wrong.

  • Tufte owns several original 500 year old books which he pages-through like they were phone books, but which his assistants must touch only while wearing white gloves.

  • There is a greater truth, a tiny pinpoint of light hidden deep inside the belly of a beast named “poor visual representation of information.” If you work very hard, you can discover this truth and your information will become clear, and you will be successful in delivering your message.

  • There’s much more to it than this.

Lots to think about.

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