Johnny Carson Returns to Late Night

Changes have been made to the Hivelogic directory structure.

What was is now just

Please update your links and bookmarks.

Unfortunately, for all the good it does, making changes like this also introduces a unique problem. This is because most of you will ignore the request to update your links, at least for a little while. Many people won’t see this post at all and will fail to update anything. Still others will update some of their links, but forget the rest.

Those are all bad things.

The best way to keep the old links working (assuming you cannot control your webhost’s webserver and do true URL rewriting) is to use a JavaScript. Grab the URL from the browser, check to see if it has the word weblog in it. If so: redirect. If not: carry on with a standard 404 error message (that all browsers, even the ones with JavaScript disabled, will see).

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update your links. It just means you can finish your coffee first.

This link points to a post in the old (weblog) folder. If you watch closely, you’ll probably notice the momentary redirect page before you arrive at the page’s new location.

So, then: On with things.

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