If you liked the web version of the JavaScript-Wrapping Email Address Encoder, you’ll love the brand new Java Version (screenshot).

The new version, a GUI written in Java 1.2 (and wonderfully cross-platform) has all of the same functionality as the original (encodes the email address, wraps the validating result in JavaScript), but now you can run the thing on your own PC (or Mac or Linux box, or Sparc).

You can download the thing right here (if you run into problems grab the zipped archive instead). To run it with most modern operating systems, just double-click! Or from a prompt:

java -jar SafeAddress.jar

If anyone out there is running MacOS X, I’d love it if you could send a screenshot.

Update: Thanks to Benoit Cattiaux, we’ve got a nice screenshot of the Encoder running in MacOS X!

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