It's Just Sad

Things like this are just sad. Lane, I’m flattered that you like Hivelogic, but you can do better.

Thanks for the pointer, Andrew.

And Then:

Lane brings down his site, replacing it with a cordial apology, which wasn’t needed but is, of course, accepted.

If you’re thinking of writing Lane about his site, reconsider. I think he’s getting enough email about this already.

Lane: Don’t let this slow you down. Remember, it’s the content, not the design, that will keep your visitors coming back.

Consider, for example, Ernie Hsiung’s bespattered, antiquated, non-validating, table-based design. We’re all in therapy because of it. Yet it’s insanely popular and truly wonderful because of his content, which is always top-notch.

The design should support and promote your words, no more, no less. So go, design. I’m expecting good things from you.

So now I’m Jakob Neilsen, suddenly.

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