It's Him

In the restaurant last night, this:

You: Oh man, it’s him. Don’t turn around.

Her: Him who?

You: I think he was one of the the Lost Boys. I can see him from where I’m sitting, and it’s him. When you turn around, he’s at the table across the way there, facing us. Don’t turn around.

Her: Ok.

You: Okay … now you can look.

Her: (Turns around, looks, turns back.) I didn’t see anyone from that movie.

You: Well, it’s him.

Her: What was he wearing?

You: A blue short-sleeve button up shirt and jeans.

Her: I saw that man. he wasn’t in the movie.

You: I think he was.

Her: Don’t you always think you recognize famous people, and it turns out never to be them?

You: No. That really was John Goodman on the motorcycle that time. I’m positive of it.

Her: Ok.

You: Anyway, this is him.

Her: Which one? He’s not Corey Haim or Corey Feldman.

You: No, no. One of the Lost Boys.

Her: Not the guy from Bill and Ted, not the pretty-boy, not Michael.

You: No, of course not Michael.

Her: Well, that’s it. Those are all of the Lost Boys.

You: One of the other Lost Boys.

Her: He’s not Kiefer Sutherland.

You: No.

Her: None are left.

You: Okay, I know who he is.

Her: Who?

You: He looks like, if that one guy from the movie that was just on had a younger brother.

Her: Oh, the guy who played the obnoxious cop in Starsky & Hutch?

You: Yes, him. This guy is his brother.

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