It's Dead

Is it just me, or are other prople worried that when we finally get bin Laden
(it’s certain somebody will claim the reward) the Taliban will retaliate with an
already-in-place attack? Of course we should get him, but what will follow?

Jason didn’t like Harry Potter (which I haven’t seen and won’t see), Matt didn’t like Iron Chef USA (which I missed), and Ernie loved his
birthday party (which I wasn’t invited to).

Then Justice tells me that the ¤ symbol (¤) which I use to indicate a
permalink after each post’s date is displayed on a mac as a question mark (?) -
at least in IE. So in order to be cross compliant, I’ll need to change it to
something else.

UPDATE: I switched to the :: symbol.


The StarTac phone I inherited died. The headset jack permanently disabled the
phone’s internal speaker and mic somehow, so answering or making calls without the headset was not possible. I had to switch back to my SCH-3500, which
was like carrying around a small refrigerator in my pocket. Taking a call with that thing is both ugly and painful. I’m much happier
with the SPH-N300. You can disable the GPS feature if you want, or leave it on and let secret government agencies track your every step. It’s your choice.

And Yet Still More:

We just saw Memento (you think we’re behind the curve but we’re actually ahead of schedule) over the weekend, and it was as great as
everyone told me it would be. We watched Chocolat (feel free to pronounce it as I do:
chok-lit) last night, and stayed up too late, and now even coffee isn’t helping so much.

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