Is Flickr Still "The Place" For Online Photos?

My friend (and Tack Sharp co-host) James Duncan Davidson offers his thoughts on Flickr’s disappointing practice of stripping IPTC and EXIF data (containing the creator, copyright, title, and other information) from the photos we upload.

Why is stripping this information bad? Duncan’s take:

If somebody were to get ahold of this image of a cute kid that was downloaded from Flickr, they’d have no idea when it was taken, who took it, or what the kids name was […] the experience will be similar to our experience going through dusty photographs with no dates written on the back.

He continues:

It’s not a software tool’s place to mandate a privacy decision for those that might want it at the expense of all, at least in my opinion.

I couldn’t agree more, and to be honest, as I grow as a photographer and want to share more of my work, I find myself asking questions like this more and more often. I like Flickr a lot, especially the community aspects of it, and the friends I have there. I’ve uploaded thousands of photos over the years, tagging them as I go, and have a lot of time invested there.

Where do you post your pictures online? Have any of you “left” Flickr for another photo sharing website? Does that site offer the same kind of privacy and sharing options (or superior ones)? Does it make uploading easy?

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