iLife 2004

This morning you and a colleague each purchased a copy of iLife 2004.

iPhoto Notes

Installation on his TiBook took a good ten (10) minutes. iPhoto also took a little while to upgrade his photo-library, a set of more than 3,800 photographs. On your Dual-G4 1Ghz, it took a bit less time to process your paltry 3,330 images. iPhoto also found images that had somehow been “lost” and organized them for you. A nice feature. A seamless upgrade.

The speed improvement is stunning. Even on his machine, an 800Mhz system, performance was phenomenal, and this improvement alone was well worth the price of the upgrade. On your wife’s 1Ghz iBook and your PowerMac, iPhoto screams.

Garage Band

Some have complained about Apple charging for iLife. In reality, any one of the iLife products alone is easily worth $49. GarageBand is easily worth more. Show GB to anyone in the music industry, and they’ll explain its value.

If you’d had this in high school and college when you were playing guitar regularly, you would have surely lost all sense of reality, dropped out of society, and spent your life in front of the Mac instead of sweating behind the broiler at a fast-food restaurant for minimum wage, dragging garbage bags and working the fry machine every day after school and weekends.

The Rest

iMovie and iDVD are much improved both in overall usability as well as in performance. Making a quick movie with iSight, and adding video and sound effects for humorous effect, and sharing it with your family was a super-easy and the iApps work seamlessly together in the process.

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