IE 5: In League with The Devil

Not one to lose touch with popular fads, you always build your style-sheets using valid CSS 2. Unfortunately, IE 5.x doesn’t like valid CSS. This is why you use the wonderful voice-family hack. When IE 5 sees this:

voice-family: “”}"";

voice-family: inherit;

It gets confused and ignores the remainder of your current style definition until it reaches the next block. This works very well, as long as you don’t slip-up and add a few important lines of style-code after the voice-family hack instead of before.

I mean, if you did that, awful things would happen. Not to mention you’d look bad.

But you did slip-up, didn’t you? You did add code after. Think of the poor IE 5 users, and what you put them through.

Fortunately, there are are a few nice kids in the neighborhood. People like Eric Vitiello sent you screen-shots and encouragement instead of a dead fish wrapped in newspaper.

Email is always better than a dead fish wrapped in newspaper.


If you’re using IE 5 and still see the sidebar beneath the content, empty your cache and reload. IE 5 tends to ignore updates to .css files, storing them in its cache for eternity. Unless you force a reload. Or better yet, dump that ancient browser and upgrade to something compliant (IE6, Opera, Netscape 6).

Also, the above link to Eric’s site has been fixed, and so has the typo. Looks like it’s turning out to be one of those days.

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