I Return from Commercial Break

It’s about being busy. So then, what? Lots!

Deliverables: delivered.

Deadlines: met.

Decisions: made.

Roof: chemically cleaned.

Movie: not seen.

Sick Day: taken.

New car: selected.

Rest: attempted.

And for being so patient, I bring gifts. If you’re using the popular DynDNS Service to alias your ever-changing IP address to a static hostname, you may like DynDNSUpdate. This nifty command-line tool, written (by me) in Java 1.4, will update your DNS with ease. No fussy GUI, no tedious configuration. And it even works through a router or firewall. Get it right here. Then run it. Here’s how:

java -jar DynDNSUpdate.jar

It will tell you how to go from there. Run it once day or so and you’ll never get out of sync.

You’ll have to wait a little while longer for the next gift, but I’ll give you a hint: Think PDA’s, AvantGo, and Hivelogic.

We now return to regular posting.

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