I React to the Firewall

I hate the firewall.

I hate the way it sheepishly tracks everything I do. Writing things down and then raising its hands blamelessly when you catch it scribbling down notes in the closet of your bedroom when you think you’re alone.

In the past, I have usually been the manager of the firewall and the firewall guy. Or I’ve been the firewall guy himself. Where I work now is in another technology department unrealted to IT Support. This means I am subject to the whims of the IT Support group and know just how you have always felt. Except it’s worse for me because I also know whats going on behind the scenes.

But it won’t stop me from finding wonderful weblogs like Dooce by Heather Hamilton. Beautiful, well-written, and tastefully designed. Okay Heather, time to make it validate.

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