I Celebrate My Birth

Today is my birthday. I actually do feel different, but for other reasons: The guy who
refinished tubs, sinks, and floors (note the appropriate use of comma’s, Leeann)
is finally finished and gone. The carpet guy is finally finished and gone. The wallplates, switches, and electrical sockets have all been swapped out. The lightswitch and motion activated exterior lamps are working. The
clogged drain-pipe leading from the AC unit to the wall outside has been
flushed, liberating 5 years of muck and filth and alleviating the leak from the
overflow hole. And more. So we’re just about done.

And this anthrax thing seems to be getting worse as they discover the true reach of the initial attack.

My To-Do List ° for today:

  • drink more coffee
  • receive the cake from my consulting company
  • receive the card from my group at work
  • consume sushi at the best sushi place in town with friends
  • view k-pax with friends

° Boring work-related stuff omitted

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