I Begin the New Year

Welcome, hello, and happy new year!

And what’s this? I see some faces I don’t recognize out there: New visitors arriving (no doubt) by way of the estimable Zeldman. Thank you sir, for the link and kind praise. Indeed, Hivelogic loves Textism, despite its author’s hatred of cats. Dog people! What are you gonna’ do?

The holiday and time-off was thankfully uneventful. A relief in light of recent events both at home and around the world. How about you?

For me, the new year isn’t about resolutions, it’s about reevaluation. The process of rethinking and redirecting your life the best you can. In hindsight, you realize how directly the actions you’ve taken affect where you are today, how significant the insignificant action or word. Now is the time to think first. Take a few steps back. Be more thoughtful. Be kinder to the people around you.

I think that type of thing can really make a difference.

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