I Become a Vegetarian

I’m not sure why, but once in a while, my mind returns to the awful Tragedy at the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter, where 27 cats, some of whom had lived at the shelter for more than 10 years, were bludgeoned to death by teenagers with baseball bats.

The people who did this (Justin E. Toben and Chad Joseph Lamansky, both 18 at the time) got off without any real punishment, and that’s frustrating to think about.

So today, not because of the events that occurred in March 1997, but in thinking about the value of life, about health, about what feels right, I have decided to become a pesco vegetarian.

This means I’ll eat fish, but no land animals, no beef, no chicken. Actually, my diet is almost there already (I eat chicken and very rarely eat beef) thanks in no small part to my wife’s healthy eating habits, but now I’m making the decision to go to the next step.

Wish me luck.

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