I Am The Web's Adult Male Child

Dan Benjamin is the James Brown of software developers. Trust me on this, I know what I’m talking about.

Carl N. Free Jr., Renowned Software Developer

Dan Benjamin is my hero — he’s been like a father to me. Probably because he is actually my father.

Jeremy Myser, Designer & Developer, Age 24

Dan is a golden god, and although we’ve never actually met in person, I can honestly say that he is quite tall, which is to say I look up to him.

Ernie Hsiung, Web Developer, Programmer

Benjamin is the worst kind of a pain-in-the-neck: a know-it-all who is often right. You can’t help but like the guy, even when he’s laughing at your misfortune, which is most of the time.

John Gruber, Writer, Mac Zealot

Dan actually saved my life once in the Philippines. Although I can’t go into details here due to government lawsuits being brought against me, I will say that the man can pilot an F18 like nobody’s business.

Rosecrans Baldwin, Writer Extraordinaire

I have no trouble finding the inner child. I have a little more trouble finding the adult.

Mandy Patinkin, Movie Actor, Stage Performer [Interview]

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