I Am Back

Hivelogic is still under construction, but we’re getting closer, and I didn’t
want to make you wait until I was done for you to get your fix.

I could talk about the current situation, but you’re seeing enough of that everywhere else, on every other weblog. I could post links to news stories as
they happen, but you’re seeing that everywhere too.

Instead, I’ll just say what’s on my mind: The idea that the American
economy is based on something as volatile and reactionary as the Stock Market is
mind boggling. Despite several days of rallying and success, somebody finds some anthrax in NYC and both the DOW and NASDAQ plunge.

That’s like reading a story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, freaking out, and selling your car. It’s stupid. I don’t know what else to say about it.

Here’s a picture of me on top of the World Trade Center a few years ago. Makes
me sad and angry to look at it now.

The author in NY

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