How to Shirt Shop

When shopping for a quality men’s shirt, the Domesticated Male should enter each store informed. Ready to make a purchase. And then get out. No self-respecting male enjoys shopping, and you’re no exception. This is all business, and you’ve got better things to do.

You already know that looking sharp is a combination of attitude and good grooming, but it’s the shirt that makes the man. As you shop, there are a few things you should look for:

  • 100% Cotton (no blends)
  • Meticulous single-needle stitching
  • Split-back yoke to provide a contoured fit
  • Tailored sleeve gauntlets
  • Fine stitching and sewn interlinings for crispness and longevity
  • Precise and consistent armhole shape
  • Cross-stitched buttons

Check each item off your list as you go. Check them all off and you’ve found your shirt.

And do yourself a favor: Have your shirt professionally laundered or dry cleaned (as appropriate). Tumbling the thing alongside your filthy gym-socks is no way to make quality clothing last.

And above all else, wear an undershirt. It absorbs your perspiration and deodorant and increases your shirt’s lifespan. And it will help keep you cooler (despite what you’ve heard). Make the white undershirt a permanent part of your daily uniform without exception, and you’ll never fail.

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