Houses: A Hivelogic Primer

Part of adding a new feature to any application involves testing it to make sure it works. In testing the new search feature for Hivelogic, I found a few articles about houses my wife and I have owned over the past ten years.

I remember how much I enjoyed writing these posts, and it’s interesting how they illustrate the change of perspective I’ve experienced over the years, and how Hivelogic as a site – through my narrative – has changed as well.

If you’re new to Hivelogic (or if you think Hivelogic is new), these are a great intro to the “heart” of what Hivelogic is really about (hint: it’s not Ruby on Rails). If you read only one of the articles, make it 7 AM.

I also think the posts, especially the last one, represent a nice bit of writing in a style I really enjoy. I wish I’d had more time to write over the last year or so, and one of my goals is to try and make more time for it.

Here are a few articles about an old house we owned in Downtown Orlando, Florida:

Here are a couple about our second house in Winter Park, Florida:

Finally, here’s one told from a more recent perspective:

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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