House Keeping

The lack of posting is due to your having multiple fuel-rods in the reactor’s core. Current tasks include:

  1. Completing several proposals, one of them huge, for delivery to potential new clients. You hope your visitors will send a bit of positive karma your way today.
  2. Updating the Bio page, which now includes answers to a hand-full of user-submitted questions.
  3. Finishing the development of a brand new version of the Enkoder App for Mac OS X, Windows, and the command-line.
  4. Developing several small-scale websites, one for a colleague and one for yourself (you’re launching a new business-brand).
  5. Continued development on your CMS which, despite what nay-sayers purport, does actually exist and will, at long last, be released in one fashion or another.
  6. Putting the finishing touches on the much-improved new version of the Image Rotator, to coincide with an upcoming A List Apart article.
  7. Reading Gruber’s latest article, a War and Peace-length epic about Macs in the Enterprise, with which you wholeheartedly agree.


Right now you can see the sky starting to turn from dark-grey to a deep, almost somber sort of blue. In a short while, the dog-walkers with plastic baggies and the morning joggers, a breed apart from the afternoon joggers, will begin their parade across the stage that is the street at the end of your yard as seen through your office window. But it’s still too early for that.

The other day the neighbor across the street pointed at the window with a bit of grass stuck to the end of her gloved hand and asked, “Is that your office?” You told her it was. “I figured,” she said. “The light is always on.”

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