Hiveware Is Born

After several years of creating and publishing software for the Internet community for release here on Hivelogic (and in a few other places), and after much deliberation, research, and development, you have finally decided that the time to launch your own small software company is – precisely – right now.

And so there it is: Hiveware. The culmination of the ideas, hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a man and his rag-tag band of surly henchmen (geniuses all, a cantankerous, geeky, ill-natured lot). Hiveware is a playground for new ideas, a launch-pad for new applications, and a way to give a bit back to the community of readers, developers, and creative people who have given you so much over the years. There will always be free applications at Hiveware.

Hiveware – lovingly hand-crafted in XHTML 1.0-Transitional – which validates, no less. Indeed, it was time to practice what you preach and build a site using only CSS for layout and implementation. This means no tables. No ugly hacks. Just the good stuff. Just style.

On to the content: Now available, for your downloading pleasure, The Enkoder, a free Mac OS X application that takes the famous web version of Email Address Encoder to a whole new level.

The Enkoder now encrypts the entire mailto link, hiding it deeply within a JavaScript array for yet another layer of added security. Instead of breaking up and printing out a normal mailto tag, The Enkoder generates a unique and random key and ties that to an ecrypted array containing your address.

Also available from Hiveware, Mac OS X versions of the URL Cleaner, and updated versions of the cross-platform PHP Image Rotator, and the Form Saver. While you’re there, be sure to check out the full product listing.

Hiveware Logo Mini

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