You’re making progress on several fronts:

  1. A brand new, version of the Image Rotator has been completed (but is not yet available for download). The new version, a complete rewrite from the ground-up, fixes many bugs, dramatically improves the randomization of images, and greatly improves speed and performance.
  2. You’ve written an article (two articles, actually — one still in progress) for upcoming publication on A List Apart. The first article details the construction and implementation of the new Image Rotator (mentioned above). The second article offers a solution to the (often-unwanted) caching of images and other website elements.
  3. You’re working on another PHP script, still under-wraps but nearly complete. Teaser: It has to do with the creation of “dynamic” content on websites without the use of a database.
  4. You’re going to be whipping The Morning News into shape as their new Technical Director. This lofty title, in actuality, just means you get to play with the site’s inner-workings, making it the best it can be. Rumor has it that they pay their writers and staff in smallish lumps of expired cheese from Rosecrans’ refrigerator.

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