Garage Sale 2006

What better way to start out the new year than to clear out one’s closet a bit, and sell off some stuff you’re not really using.

You would like to offer the items below for sale. Each picture links to a page on Amazon with more information about the item, as well as its price (if new). Asking prices are listed below each item. Buyer pays shipping.

All items are in like-new condition, most come with original packaging (which has been carefully preserved), and all are in perfect working condition.

Please to make an offer or for more information.

Iogear USB KVM Switch
($100 o.b.o.)

ViewSonic N4 Video Processor
($75 o.b.o. SOLD!)

ViewSonic 15" LCD Monitor
($200 o.b.o.)

Nintendo DS (Silver)
($100 o.b.o. SOLD!)

Mario Kart DS
($25 o.b.o. SOLD!)

Advance Wars DS
($25 o.b.o. SOLD!)

Sony PSP
($175 o.b.o. SOLD!)

Tiger Woods for PSP
($25 o.b.o. SOLD!)

Wipeout Pure for PSP
($25 o.b.o. SOLD!)

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