Spork Software has released E-Cognito, a freeware text-to-ASCII entity translator for Mac OS X using the same technique employed by the Hivelogic Email Address Encoder.

The latest nightly Mozilla build for Mac OS X resolves the Java crashes which could occur when running under Jaguar.

A Note to My Cousin-In-Law:

Note the rubber band around the external drive-chasis. This is used to help keep the damaged SCSI cable connected to the port. The OS is on that drive, so it’s important.

And now, because it’s summer: A beverage:

Tom Collins (Hivelogic Style)

2 ounces Gin

1 ounce lemon-juice

¾ ounce simple-syrup


Wedge of Lemon or Orange

Stir Gin, lemon-juice, and simple-syrup over ice in a highball glass. Top with soda water. Add wedge and cherry.

Substitute Vodka for Gin: Vodka Collins. Substitute Bourbon: John Collins.


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