For Sale: Mackie Onyx 1220i Mixer

Update: It’s been sold!

I’m selling my almost-brand-new Mackie 1220i FireWire mixer. It’s the best mixer I’ve ever owned, and it’s amazing in every way. If you’re wanting to do podcasting, amateur or professional recording, general broadcasting, and any kind of audio production work would, this is the perfect mixer. Here’s a link to the mixer on Mackie’s site.

You may be asking: So why are you selling it, if it’s so awesome?

I’m upgrading one level to the Mackie 1660i. It’s the exact same mixer, but it offers two additional auxiliary ports (a total of four). When I purchased the 1220i, I didn’t anticipate I’d need more than two ports, but I’ve since realized that having the option to bring on several guests at once is important, and I’d also like to allow listeners to call as well. Because each guest on the podcasts needs their own auxiliary port and I only have two, I need to upgrade.


I purchased this mixer brand new about 3 months ago for $699. I have all of the original packaging, manuals, and warranty information, and I’ll consider any reasonable offer.

Please contact me if you’re interested.

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