Enkoder 6.0

Today, you would like to announce a new version of the Hiveware Email Address Enkoder.

A re-write from the ground-up (again!), Version 6 combines a much faster and more complicated algorithm with a few bug-fixes, including full compatibility with ancient versions of Netscape and all versions of Opera, better XHTML compliance, and improved coexistence with other JavaScripts.

From the Hiveware Enkoder Page:

Posting your email address on your web-site is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of spam. One way to protect yourself is to “encode” your address, making it more difficult to discover.

The Enkoder Form will encrypt your Email address and convert the result to a self evaluating JavaScript, hiding it from Email-harvesting robots which crawl the web looking for exposed addresses. Your address will be displayed correctly by web-browsers, but will be virtually indecipherable to Email harvesting robots.


Regarding Hiveware vs. Automatic

How can one man lead two companies at the same time?

Easily, when they are both actually just one company.

It’s true, Hiveware is now a part of Automatic Laboratories, a full-service web agency. While the Hiveware site will continue to live on for some time, all of the free tools and services offered there will be folded into the Automatic website. Everything that was available will remain available, and development will continue.

This is only the natural progression of things.

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