Enkoder 2.0.3

Hiveware has just released an updated version of the Enkoder and it’s web-counterpart the Enkoder Form. The Enkoder now uses a genetic algorithm to generate JavaScript that is different every time, making email harvesting by spambots virtually impossible. Changes in this version include:

  • Complete rewrite from the ground up
  • A brand new Mac OS X style icon
  • Added optional subject lines
  • Added <noscript> tags for older browsers
  • Now using a genetic algorithm to for completely unique JavaScript each time the Enkoder is run
  • Added automatic version checking (from the Enkoder menu)
  • A brand new custom icon!
  • Added built-in Help
  • Smaller executable (and download) size
  • Fixed a typo in the license agreement (doh!)
  • Made both address and link-text fields mandatory
  • General performance improvements and GUI

Download your copy now.

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