Dr. Weil: The Moral Ferocity of "Eating Animals"

Lots of people from both sides are talking about Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book, Eating Animals, but I think Dr. Andrew Weil’s piece in the Huffington Post is worth a read.

But if you still eat meat from factories […] you have not, by definition, absorbed the reality of factory farms. If you truly understood the nightmarish brutality of what happens inside these windowless animal jails and abattoirs that dot the American ruralscape, you simply would not eat this meat. Foer makes it clear that factory farming is the exceptional human activity that debases and destroys everything it touches: land, people, communities, and most of all, the innocents at the nexus, animals.

Now, don’t let that quote fool you … this isn’t an “anti-meat” piece, persuading you to become a vegetarian. Instead, Dr. Weil suggests that maybe we should think — even just for a moment — about factory farming and its effects before we buy that next burger.

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