Do You See What I See?

One of the nice things about CSS is that it grants a developer the ability to specify a list of fonts which will degrade gracefully on various platforms based on the availability of each font specified.

In other words, you can specify several fonts to use and an order of preference. Your visitor’s browser will check for each font and display the text using the first font it can match.

For example, you could specify the following CSS style:

myStyle { font-family: optima, georgia, serif }

Your visitor’s web browser would first look and see if it could find Optima, and if it could, would display that style block in Optima. If it couldn’t find Optima, it’d look for Georgia. And so on.

An added benefit of this is that you can specify OS-specific fonts (such as Optima and Lucida Grande, both default Mac OS X fonts) so that visitors sporting your favorite operating system receive preferential treatment.

So if you visit Hivelogic on a Mac, you’d see:


And if you showed up with Windows, you’d see:


So there you go.

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