There is not nearly enough time in a day. Move on.

So then, to those of you asking, answers:

The article you’re waiting for is nearly done. Your interview questions are nearly answered. The code you wanted that I said I would write is almost through testing. Postmaster is nearing completion (think: days). Sorry, I cannot review your new site design now, but I want to and will. Sorry I ignored your email/voicemail/letter. Yes the project is on schedule. Yes the car is everything I’d hoped it would be. Yes a computer generated that last post. Yes, it really went just like this. Yes, it really is as hot as you heard it was here. Yes I’ll pick up the stuff from the place on the way. No, it wasn’t anything like that. Well maybe a little.

Still, I’m sure I’m forgetting something.


Just when you think you have a permanent (and free, no less) home for your dedicated UNIX server, the company doing the hosting is dissolved. Worse, a friend who worked there and devoted years of his life to the company is now without a job.

Today, again, you think about and are reminded how lucky you are to have a job.

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