Book Burning

Hivelogic has existed as a weblog since the end of 2000. I registered in early 2001. I have used many different weblog systems in that time, and each time lost (or discarded) the content that came before.

Until today, I had planned on reintegrating the “old-but-recent” content from the last 2 years into my new weblog system. Because the old content was in Blogger, I could format and output the content in a way that would make sense for import into my new system. This involved much code, and the aid of a guru (who never seems to get tired of helping me).

And now, after all this, I finally turned my attention to what I was importing. And you know, it’s mostly crap.

So I’ve decided to just make a fresh start, a clean break. Begin again here and now, dumping the past like yesterday’s bread. Everything that came before October has been taken out with the trash.

A low-level format for the soul.

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