Blackout Activities

What to do during a significant failure of the national power-grid:

  1. Stockpile water and canned goods
  2. Locate and utilize your emergency candles
  3. Watch CNN *
  4. Email Gruber (who is on vacation or something) incessantly about BBEdit *
  5. Work on your weblog system *
  6. See if Andrew or Rosecrans can post or not [not] *
  7. Go to bed and have a dream about ice fishing

* Possible because you live in Florida which was unaffected by the significant failure of the national power-grid. You do know how it feels, though, because Florida is often without power (this is because it’s a swamp). But last night you actually did have power even though it was raining, which was weird because you almost always lose power for a while when it rains.

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