Lots going on.

You prepare for the feast you’re about to host. Two hours spent running from aisle to aisle picking up items from your wife’s list, none of which you’ve seen or heard of before. This is serious business.

While you wait, motionless, in the non-moving grocery line, an old man whistles aimless, off-key melodies while picking through the ransacked Entenmann’s display.

Another hour spent locating and purchasing an organic, free-range turkey of perfect shape, weight, girth.

A surprise gift (the cover of this month’s CA in poster format) from your favorite local business whom you alone seem to support.

Thank You

You realize that people – Hivelogic visitors – have been purchasing things for you from your Amazon wish-list. Your un-linked-to wish-list. They were searching for your list on Amazon. And buying things for you to say Happy Birthday and Thanks for the encoder.

DVD’s, Books, CD’s, more!

But … the list had been long forgotten and you hadn’t updated the address in … nearly two years. Fortunately, the people at the Mail Boxes Etc. held the packages all this time.

Thank you for your kindness. You really shouldn’t have.

Calling: You

If you’re a talented graphic designer, flash developer, coder, or database guru and are looking for side-work, please .


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