• Your personal/resume page has been updated.
  • Your iPod, named Toupee, has been returned to you a second time from Apple. In the past, Apple’s support has been good at finding problems with and repairing their products. That’s why you’re so surprised that, even after two trips to the repair center, they have failed to diagnose the problems with Toupee.
  • Your house is being pressure cleaned as you write this.
  • No other iPods you’ve heard about have these problems (getting stuck while playing a song, refusing to sync, running scan-disk for an infinite amount of time when connected to a Mac). You cannot find anything similar on the support forums or Mac-related websites. Only Toupee, it would seem, is affected in this way.
  • The fonts on this page have been changed subtly for Mac users.
  • The Mac Genius at the Apple Store was able to identify the problems with Toupee instantly.
  • The ancient Diamond Rio you have is a poor substitute for a working iPod.
  • Cheese.

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