Beating the Odds: The Philadelphia Eagles Make the 2008 Playoffs

Football Memories

Me at about 7 years old, meeting the Philadelphia Eagles (circa 1979)

The odds were against the Eagles making the playoffs this year. In order for it to be a possibility, two other teams, the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (who were favored by 13 points against the Raiders) would have to lose. Not only that, but the Eagles would have to defeat the Dallas Cowboys, who were themselves fighting for a place in the playoffs.

Both Chicago and Tampa lost their games, and the Eagles had to know this as they took the field in this important late-afternoon game, because they sure played like their season was on the line, defeating Dallas by an amazing 44-6.

This lifelong Eagles fan was holding his breath even into the 3rd quarter — we’ve learned not to take anything for granted in this NFL — but there would be no late-game comeback for the Cowboys this time, as there have been so many times in the past.

Maybe it had something to do with the Phillies World Series win earlier this year, making Philadelphia teams hungry for another big win.

And while nobody knows for sure if McNabb or Reid will be returning next year, they did get us where we are today, and that’s worth something.

As much as it might be a long-shot for the Eagles to get to the Super Bowl, it’s more of a possibility today than it was before yesterday afternoon. There’s a chance, and that’s enough for this Eagles fan on a brisk, cool Monday morning.

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