Yesterday you posed some questions about Postmaster’s future. In the few hours that have past since then, you’ve received some great feedback. Here, as they say in Cagney movies, is a little taste:

Max Riffner, graphic designer, and first-rate comic-book artist writes:

A desktop app, I like that. I’m a designer. I run apps. That’s my profile. I
like playing around in the Terminal occasionally, but by and large, I’m in
Photoshop all day. Its why I love Apple, its only as confusing as you want it to
be. Especially now. I could never imagine setting up my own Apache server
before, now, its already there waiting for me to turn it on. The technology
never gets in my way.

Then a message from Kawika, who says:

Is there a way to have your cake and eat it too? A desktop and webtop publishing?

For more background on all of this, scroll down a bit and read the just-posted article, A Brief History of Postmaster.

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