Attire Specifications

Your Dress Code:

  1. A white cotton undershirt must be worn at all times. The undershirt must have standard (short) sleeves and collar. Tank-tops or V-Necks are not acceptable alternatives. All-cotton boxer-shorts are recommended.
  2. Polo-style short-sleeve, button-up short sleeve, and long sleeve button-up shirts are acceptable for daily wear based on corporate dictated or weather-specific conditions and requirements. Think either pure white or dark colors. Blue. Gray. Green. Black.
  3. Black or khaki flat-front slacks or crisply pressed dress pants, again based on business attire requirements and/or weather conditions. Shorts that reach no higher than 2" above the knee (4" when playing tennis) may be worn during summer months.
  4. A Black or brown shoe-matching belt is mandatory at all times, optional with shorts.
  5. Black or brown lace-up shoes leather shoes (correctly polished and cared for at all times) should be worn daily, always with dark dress socks. Boat shoes such as those made by Sperry are acceptable with khaki pants and most shorts.
  6. A simple wrist-watch with leather or silver band may be worn. Avoid those watches made of plastic at all costs.
  7. Only two acceptable pieces of jewelry exist, both rings: the wedding band and the college class ring.

Deviation from the code is not acceptable.

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