At Last: Mac OS X 10.4.7 Update

The Mac OS X 10.4.7 update is available via Software Update. I’ve been waiting for this to become publicly available for some time now, as it contains an important (but unpublicized) fix to font rendering on Intel Macs in applications like Firefox.

My friend Gruber could probably write 5,000 words on why the fonts look wrong, but to save some time, just have a look at the picture below (Safari is on the left and Firefox is on the right):

screenshot of the lameness

It’s easy to see that fonts rendered in Firefox (and some other apps) on Intel Macs just look wrong. They’re too light and the anti-aliasing isn’t working correctly.

I couldn’t count how many new MacBooks and MacBook Pros I saw at Railsconf, but I can say that most of the people I saw using Macs (which were most of the people) were using Firefox as their primary browser. Nice on both counts.

Fortunately, the 10.4.7 update fixes these issues, and we can finally get the same kind of clear font rendering consistently across all our applications.

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