Anonymous Pro: a programming font with style

A few weeks ago, I presented an article entitled Top 10 Programming Fonts. The article received many great comments, including a handful of suggestions for fonts that didn’t make it into the list.

One glaring omission, suggested by a number of readers, was Anonymous, a TrueType version of Anonymous 9 created by the incredibly talented Mark Simonson. I’ve been a fan of Mark’s work since I started reading his blog sometime back in 2004. Mark is a master craftsman, and his attention to detail is obvious just by looking at the many typefaces he’s designed.

As much as I liked Anonymous, there were a few minor issues — like its one-story “a” (which looked a little bit like an “o”) and its large size compared to other monospace fonts — that prevented me from including it in the list.

Enter Anonymous Pro

A few days after I posted the list, I contacted Mark to chat about Anonymous, and that’s when he shared some news: he was about to release a free update to Anonymous called Anonymous Pro. Anonymous Pro would address all of the issues I had with Anonymous while providing a handful of additional improvements and enhancements, like adjusted relevant point size, a slashed-zero that goes the “right way”, a unicode-based character set, and more.

Mark sent me a pre-release version of Anonymous Pro to experiment with. It immediately became my monospace typeface of choice anytime I’m looking for a monospace font with style, and I’ve been using it everywhere ever since.

It’s fantastic. Just take a look at it (Figure 1, below).

Anonymous Pro
Figure 1 Anonymous Pro

I tend to use a larger font when I write code. Figure 2 shows a real-life screenshot of some MacRuby code.

Anonymous Pro
Figure 2 Anonymous Pro makes MacRuby look even better

Anonymous Pro even looks good in very small sizes as well, reminiscent of the excellent fonts I’ve seen used in handheld video games (like Advance Wars 2), detailed in Figure 3, below. Also included are bitmapped versions of the font at 10, 11, 12, and 13 pixels.

Anonymous Pro
Figure 3 Anonymous Pro at 10pt.

If you’re looking for a monospace typeface with a bit of personality, check out Anonymous Pro.

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