Amazon Reduces S3 Pricing, Adds Free Inbound Data Transfer

This is Amazon’s way of saying, “You mean all of your data isn’t here already? Well now it’s cheaper to keep it here, and free to put it here.”

They’re doing two things. First, they’re lowering the price of S3 storage for people with a lot of data:

As Amazon S3 has grown, so has the number of customers storing large amounts of data in the service. To assist these customers, we are reducing the price of our 500 TB tier. We are also introducing new pricing tiers in all Amazon S3 Regions at the 1 PB and 5 PB levels. These changes reduce storage costs for multi-petabyte customers by more than 15%, and reduce the price of our highest tier by more than 50% in the US Standard and EU (Ireland) Regions.

They’re also offering free inbound data transfer until June 30, 2010.

Data Transfer into AWS will be free of charge from now through June 30, 2010, making it even easier for customers to get their data into AWS. This applies to data transfer into Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

I use S3 for serving up everything from images and podcasts to videocasts and it makes a big difference in the performance load. I know a handful of people using if for backup as well, either manually or with software like Jungle Disk to backup their data to S3.

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